Kristina Rose loves her job. If you couldn't tell by talking to her, her list of accolades (five award nominations in '09) would hip you to the fact that there's nothing this 25-year-old San Diego native would rather be doing. Or, you could just watch one of the 70 films she's made since her debut in the adult industry two years ago. Without getting into all the gory deets, we'll just leave it at: Shorty gets it in.

But that's only a part of the reason we're giving her the Complex co-sign, the other being that she's cool as hell. Thanks to her Twitter page, we were able to get to know Ms. Rose in ways that we never see on screen—for example, her taste in music ranges from Dionne Warwick to Jay-Z. So, when she came to New York, it was a no-brainer to have her swing by the office for a sit down and photoshoot. Read on to hear about her everyday routines, her future plans in the business and why her Twitter followers should keep some compliments to themselves. Maybe you'll love her as much as we do.


Complex: So how did you get into the industry?

Kristina: The first job I had when I was eighteen, I was working for this adult website and I was basically just doing customer service and helping people get memberships to online websites, but then after that company moved, I was laid off. The only people that would respond to my resume [after that] were adult-related companies. So I ended up working for a photographer, just being his assistant, and he was telling me, you should you model, have a great persona, but I was like, "Aww I'm too young, no! Too naïve!"

Complex: How old were you?

Kristina: At that time, I was nineteen. But then, every once in a while, it would keep coming back up, and coming back up, and coming back up, and finally at 23, I wasn't doing anything really, and was like, "Okay, I'm gonna try it, and if I like it, I'll go from there, and if I don't, I'll just chalk it up to me sowing my wild oats... like a girl gone wild thing. And then I did the first scene that I ever did and I was like, "That was fun! Shit! Career move!"

Complex: What about it did you like so much?

Kristina: Basically, what I told myself was, I'd do it as long as I was doing stuff that I was okay with. I won't do anything that I'm uncomfortable with. I won't do anything I wouldn't actually do in my personal life, you know? Even though I'll try anything once. But I don't work with people I don't want to work with. I only work with people I like to work with. I always promised myself as long as I didn't get on drugs or change as a person, become jaded, or anything like that.

Complex: You find a lot of actresses getting bi- headed in the industry?

Kristina: Actresses in the porn industry really do think it's like mainstream Hollywood [Laughs]. It's like the mini-mainstream Hollywood. You know, there's like mainstream Hollywood, then like the other Hollywood, kind of little shenanigans. There's porn valley and all that drama... . there's like sites for porn industry gossip.

Complex: Word?

Kristina: Oh yeah! It's so funny to me, 'cause it's like, we're just fucking, you know? We're not changing the world or anything. It's funny.

Complex: Yeah, it's funny, but porn is a billion-dollar industry. There's even award shows for it!

Kristina: You know, I'm just a fan of porn. I watch porn, I've always had a fascination with porn, you know, I always was interested in it. Who's not? It's an interesting thing. Two people get together and they do it on camera and everyone's going to see it. That's crazy! So, I've always been interested in it, but now after being in it, I see there are certain people that take an art form to it. It's almost like it's an artistic person and they just so happen to be really interested in sex, and they do it in an artistic way. But there are also a lot of companies that are just like "film the people that are having sex. OK... do this, do that." I do see there is a cool aspect of there being awards, but usually nine times out of ten, the awards don't go to the people that deserve it anyway. But it's cool. I see that there's an art form to it now, especially after being in it for so long.

Complex: You should start giving out your own awards.

Kristina: Me and a couple friends—my friend Tori Black and my friend Alexis—were gonna start our own awards show: The Real Porno Awards. We were gonna hold it at Chuck-E-Cheese and we were gonna give out awards, special awards, special rug [laughs]. Maybe if we do it well, we should do that.

Complex: Are Tori and Alexis just industry friends or real friends?

Kristina: Yeah, we know each other from work. There are other performers in the industry, and we're all friends. Me and Alexis Texas, we're best friends. Best, best friends. I talk to her everyday. She's very big in the industry. She's known for her booty! Shes got very, very, nice cheeks. She's butt woman, that's her title! She's Buttwoman!

Complex: [Laughs] Who gives these titles out?

Kristina: One of the companies that we worked for. It's like... one of those little titles that they give out to certain girls, so she's buttwoman.

Complex: What's your title?

Kristina: Well, actually, last year, they gave me my very own movie, my first movie, and they gave me the title of "dirty girl."

Complex: How'd that sit with you?

Kristina: I liked it! What's wrong with being a little dirty?

Complex: Nothing at all.

Kristina: I like being a little dirty, especially in my industry.

Complex: I can imagine. So, take us through a normal day of yours.

Kristina: A normal day for me: I would wake up, usually very early in the morning, for me at least. I have to get up at 8 AM in the morning, be at set at 9. I bring all my luggage in to set, which usually is right on top of some big, giant mountain up in the Hollywood hills. You see all these nice houses and you think all these wonderful people live here. No, these crazy people are renting their houses out so people can have sex in them [laughs].

Complex: Bless their hearts.

Kristina: It's funny, it really is! So, I get there, sometimes, there's other girls there; sometimes, there's not. Scenes can range in size, anywhere from me and two other people or, me and like twenty other people. Just depends on who you're working for or what kind of scene it is. So then you gotta do make up, then you get naked, shoot your pictures—your pretty girl pictures. Then you get touched up, do your girly thing, then go straight to video. And then fuck some dude.

Complex: How often do you work per day?

Kristina: I only do one scene a day. I won't do more than one scene a day, unless it's like different kind of scene. Like, a solo and then a girl/girl scene, you know? But usually, I don't ever do more than one scene a day.

Complex: Do you only work for a specific studio or do you work for whoever?

Kristina: In the industry, they have companies that have contract girls, like back in old Hollywood, when like, MGM had these contract stars and stuff like that. Like how porn was for a long time and its still. They still have contract girls. But now there's a lot more competition out there. There's gonzo companies which is more just, you show up and start fucking, you know, like—you don't need any contract, or any acting abilities or things like that. There's an aspect of it, and I work for anyone that hires me. Anyone that I'm willing to work for that is offering me the right part or position, or whatever, I go work for them.

Complex: Which way do you prefer?

Kristina: I prefer gonzo. I'm not an actress. I mean, I'm not an actress by any means, so it's difficult for me to try to be a character, 'cause I feel like, I'm not. I'm just me. If you want me to just be me, I could just be me, you know? I prefer just gonzo, straight hardcore. Those are the kind of movies that I watched, you know when I was watching porn, those are the kind of movies that I like to watch, so those are the companies I like to shoot the kind of sex that I like to have, so gonzo is definitely my favorite .

Complex: Who were your favorite porn stars?

Kristina: When I was just watching, I liked Jenna Haze. I also liked Raylene, and I liked Cassidy. Those were the girls that I liked. Cassidy Rae.

Complex: Is Cassidy retired now?

Kristina: Yeah, she was really hot. Maybe she'll come back, and I can fuck her.

Complex: If our readers aren't too familiar with your work, where should they start? What should they pick up, or download?

Kristina: First they could pick up "Kristina Rose is Dirty Girl", and that's out by Elegant Angel.

Complex: Is that your favorite?

Kristina: One of my favorites, because that was my first movie. That's all me in every scene, and I did my first anal scene in that movie. And the second movie is a movie called "Kristina Rose is Slutwoman" by Elegant Angel, and that features my first DP scene. That was a very slutty movie. It was basically like he did a documentary about me being a slut, and the slutty things I did. Slutty hitchhiking, and just things I do sometimes in my regular life. It was a day in the life of Kristina Rose. Definitely those two movies, and maybe, I did a scene for "Evil Anal 8" for Manuel Ferrera for Evil Angel and that was one of the biggest fingers I've ever had in my back, been in my butt a lot, it was really big, so... that was a pretty amazing scene.

Complex: You said before that you only did things that you wanted to do. What made you want to start doing anal?

Kristina: I've done anal in my personal life, before that, and I liked it, but I'd only ever done it with boyfriends, so I kinda wanted to hold out, 'cause I knew I could ask for a lot more money. I got a big ass, and dirty people wanna see someone putting something in that big ass, and they could ask for a lot of money, and prove myself as a performer, show people that I'm really a good performer and that I was really into it. Then I also wanted to get to know my other performers and once I felt comfortable with a good number of guys, I felt, "OK, I would let that guy fuck me in my ass." Then I would talk to him. You gotta have some trust there, man, you could mess a woman up for her life. You think about that next time you ask a girl to try to stick it in her butt, think about it. Do you want to be the one to see her with a colostomy bag? [Laughs] I took it there. Ponder that!

Complex: I'll make a mental note. How do you prepare for a scene?

Kristina: Paint my face, get me all dolled up, douche it out, and I'm ready! Baby wipe that shit down! Some guys don't even want me to douche, they ask me not to, so I won't. Like Steve Holmes, he never wants—he hates it.

Complex: Interesting. Aight, moving away from douching, you said on twitter that your favorite album is Blueprint 3.

Kristina: [Laughs] Yeah, right now.

Complex: What else are you listening to? What's on your iPod?

Kristina: I like to listen to a lot of different things. I'm not ashamed of my taste, I'm eclectic.

Complex: Nor should you be. What else do you listen to?

Kristina: Kinda been listening to a lot of the Jackson 5, obviously. That's all I've been listening to, really. Oh! Stevie Wonder. Always Stevie. Stevie's always there.

Complex: What's your favorite Stevie Wonder song?

Kristina: I like "As".

Complex: Dope, great song. The whole seven minute version, right?

Kristina: Yeah, the whole, with the guy that comes in!

Complex: Nice. What about movies? What do you like to watch besides porn?

Kristina: I like really bad, corny movies. Like Howard the Duck [Laughs]. But sometimes, you see those DVDs, and you're like "Why did they even bother making that into a DVD?" No one even thought of that! I buy that. Like Clifford, remember Clifford?

Complex: You're the kind of person that buy those $9 DVD's in the rack next to the cashier at CVS?

Kristina: Yeah! Those are my jams! That's what I do! Yeah! You know, man. I'm all over it! I like movies. I like all kinds of movies.

Complex: You have a really big Twitter following. Do you ever talk to your fans through it?

Kristina: Yeah, I do. I think its funny. Some people say some weird things.

Complex: Like what? What's the most outlandish thing a follower has said to you?

Kristina: Last night, I had just finished my dinner, and some guy twittered me like, "You have the fattest, juiciest pussy I've ever seen in my whole life. I wanna just slurp it!" And I was like, "Eww, I just ate! Can you calm down? Like, why you gotta speak about my clitoris?" [Laughs].

Complex: Do you respond to the nice tweets you get?

Kristina: Yeah. I respond to the mean ones too. Sometimes they're like, "You're disgusting. I lost all respect for you, you did a DP!" I was like, that was your fucking business, you didn't have to look at the picture. And I'll block them. If you say one mean thing to me, I block you. I'm surrounding myself with positive energies only. So anyone that's mean, I just block them. I'm telling you, it's the most wonderful way to walk through your life.

Complex: How far do you see yourself going in the porn industry?

Kristina: You know what? Honestly, I'm twenty-five years old. They're still using me for young girl shit, so I figure I have six months to let them know. I didn't know I was ever gonna end up here. I never had aspirations to be a porn star! I just try to follow what makes me happy. I'm just gonna do this for a while, and see where else this takes me, and go from there.

Complex: Do you want to own your own site or own your own production company?

Kristina: I'm definitely gonna do my site. I'm working on that right now. I definitely want to be in porn, because I like it, it's fun. It's always interesting, there's always something going on. As soon as it stops being fun, I'll find something else to do. I'm smart, I'm resourceful, it's not the only thing I'm good at, so, I'll figure it out.

Complex: What about breaking into Hollywood? It seems like Sasha Grey made the transition as the star of Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience.

Kristina: I like Sasha Gray, she actually used to be with my agent, and she's a really sweet girl. I appreciate her because a lot of the girls that are famous for porn—they make us all look stupid. I joke around and shit, but I'm not making us all look like trashy hookers, and someone like Sasha Grey comes around and people know who she is. It's like, Thank you! Because not all of us are retards. Other girls, 87% of them are.

Complex: Have any studio's pressured you into changing your body with implants or anything?

Kristina: That's a cool thing. I came in at the best time to be in the industry because I came in and I had booty! And nothing sells better than booty. Booty is like the thing right now, everyone's all about big giant Coco-like booty and I got booty! They want you to stay thick. Actually, I have a lot of people who are pressuring me to put more weight back on.

Complex: Who doesn't love a nice ass? We heard you were a fan of Complex from way back. Any truth to that?

Kristina: Well, I'll tell you the story of how I found out about Complex. I was at my boyfriend's house, and I was taking a shit on his toilet and he had the biggest stack of Complex magazines I had ever seen. And I would always see it whenever I was at his house in his bathroom. And when you guys hit me up, I was like, Oh my god! I'm planning on going to visit my boyfriend that I used to shit in his apartment and read Complex Magazine, and they want me to come see them too. I'm like hell yeah! So that's how I know Complex. I like it. It's a fun magazine.


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