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For some reason it seems like Judd Apatow has made 25 movies in the last 4 years, but in reality, he's only actually directed two: The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) and Knocked Up (2007). These two critical and commercial smashes resulted in Apatow becoming one of the most coveted producers in Hollywood, helping bring Superbad, Pineapple Express and Step Brothers to the screen. Not since Harold Ramis has one man touched so many comedy classics.

So what's up with J.A. Rule's long-awaited third film as a director? Funny People opens July 31, and a too-hot-for-TV red band trailer just dropped. The flick stars Adam Sandler as a comedian/movie star, and also features future wifey Aubrey Plaza and our current cover subject Jonah Hill. And for the record, Complex would like to say you're welcome to Mr. Apatow for obviously inspiring Funny People's pairing of Seth Rogen and RZA. Our next suggestion: a re-remake of Miami Vice starring Chris Mintz-Plasse and Rick Ross. Fuck Michael Mann, you're the man!