Ever since the video for "Yonkers" dropped back in 2011, Tyler, The Creator has bucked convention with a unique mix of unhinged creativity, bold willingness to take risks, and a constant pace of evolution. When that video first hit, it was Tyler's introduction to the mainstream and an exciting look at a brand new artist with the potential to make an impact.

But we had no idea just how big that impact would be. Today, 27-year-old Tyler is a leader in hip-hop and culture. He's inspired a new wave of artists who value the DIY approach, the limitless opportunities beyond music, and the ability to stay true to yourself even when you've got millions of fans. He's opened a new lane for outsiders with major ambition, and he's created the blueprint for artists who aren't willing to compromise their own vision and integrity.

When Tyler first came out, he and his Odd Future crew were something of a mystery. Today, you probably feel like you know him even if you've never been to one of his shows, but he's still not one for oversharing, and there's a lot of things you might not know. Here are some of those things.

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