Gone are the days of artists fitting neatly into genres like pieces of a puzzle. Instead, they’re piecing together sounds and influences from all over with a do-it-yourself approach that’s changing music. Each week, we’re profiling a rising artist who works across mediums with a DIY spirit that is shaping our present and future. We’ll share one song you need to hear, one video you need to see, and finish off with a few questions for the artist.

Name: Channel Tres
Hometown: Compton, California
Current Location: Los Angeles, California
Reference Points: House music, Jazz, Gospel, Funk, Meditation music, Standup comedy like Patrice O’Neal
Latest Project: I Can’t Go Outside mixtape

On any given Channel Tres song, you’ll hear as much disco, funk, and soul, as you will elements of house and hip-hop. His music is a collage of the warmest pieces of almost any genre that you can think of, wrapped into a growing collection of memory-making manifestos—the kind that rumble through car stereos on Friday nights. No matter what you’re doing when a Channel Tres song starts playing, you stop and stare out of the nearest window, longing for the celebrations and dancefloor connections that occurred during the before time. It makes sense for a creative who is inspired not only by dance music, but also by dance and choreography, as he explained in this 2019 guest editorial.

Before breaking out as a solo artist in 2018, Channel Tres worked as a songwriter and producer for others, and his list of collaborators as an artist spans the gamut from Tinashe and Tyler, The Creator to JPEGMAFIA and James Blake. His latest release is I Can’t Go Outside—a collection of genreless music that was made during lockdown. Fragmented narratives about old memories are painted in sepia tones with nostalgic touches, creating a woozy, broadcast for listeners to tune into. With a DIY spirit and boundless creativity, Channel Tres will be here for the long-haul.


“Skate Depot” is old school funk wrapped in a hip-hop package thanks to Channel Tres’ rippling register that mumbles out words that become part of the beat. It’s perfect for an ‘80s roller rink party or a cruise down palm tree-lined streets with windows down.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a happier journey through Channel Tres’ old memories. The song is dedicated to a skating rink in Cerritos, CA where the performer had his first job. He was fired two weeks after starting because he didn’t know how to roller skate, and alhough it might be a harsh memory, Channel Tres’ wraps up the lemon in a peach and gifts it to the listener. You have no choice but to marvel in its sweet taste.


Taking pride in all aspects of his creative output, Channel Tres always brings you into his world in his music videos, which are often filled with dance. “Topdown,” one of the most popular songs from his 2018 self-titled EP, feels like a long summer afternoon spent with friends, cruising in a convertible with the top down (of course) and dancing in the backyard.

You never know what Channel Tres is going to do next, what sounds he’ll experiment, or what his videos will include. And that’s what makes him so intriguing to tune into. He finds ways to take expectations and flip them on their heads with his DIY approach and heartfelt creativity.

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