With a name reminiscent of childhood icebreakers, it’s no surprise there’s something nostalgic about My Favorite Color in both his delivery and look. Blending the sounds of both coasts, My Favorite Color nods to his time in Pittsburgh and Compton, bringing an engaging energy to the rap scene.

My Favorite Color’s intricate lyrics and smooth choruses are fully apparent on his debut album VELMA, released last summer. String and riff heavy “Dale” is a standout, starting off elegantly like it belongs in a Bond film and evolving into a rasped out song which interpolates Eazy E’s “Boyz-n-the-Hood’’ effortlessly. The album also includes the softer, melancholic “Funeral” which takes us on a deep walk through lyrics musing about mortality. My Favorite Color speculates on what his own funeral would look like and who would attend, rapping, “My mom would keep moving, staying still would make her eye drip, you’d ask if she’s okay and she’d say ‘yeah how have you been?’”

The visuals that My Favorite Color puts out are always well produced and captivating. In his newest video for single “Old News” we get a glimpse into the L.A.-based artist’s ambitious and colorful world. Masquerading as a multitude of characters all while delivering lyrics wrapped in a kinetic sound, it’s clear My Favorite Color is okay not taking himself too seriously and letting the music speak for itself. 

“I’m an open book of retrospective realism, depression, optimism, unapologetic blackness, and surprisingly great lyricism,” he tells us. With a new album on the way via Rostrum Records, My Favorite Color wants to let new fans know, “You’re about to have HELLA FUN. Enjoy everything else I’m about to be on… It’ll all make sense in the end, pinky promise.”—Sabine Adorney

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