Freedom or Death - Rule The World (Nas Cover)


Freedom or Death is a Canadian duo that takes things one song at a time, seeing no issue with composing a folk song in one run and an electronica song as a follow up. As a guy that puts Bon Iver and Tyler the Creator on the same mix, that’s cool with me, and this Nas reinterpretation hits the spot.

Nas‘ “If I Ruled The World”, featuring the beautiful Lauryn Hill, is a classic. When I saw this in my inbox, I assumed it was some rapper trying to remake it, and that idea had my trigger finger itching to click the “delete” button and move on, but the title also said “Pigeons and Planes Premiere” and the notion of being the first on the internet to hear a song gets me excited (blogging will do that kind of shit to you). As it turned out, this is about the farthest you can get from a rapper tracing over the lines drawn by Nas and Lauryn – Freedom or Death add in their own verses and change the whole vibe and it’s pretty awesome.

Check out Freedom or Death’s “Rule World” below, and hear more from them here.