Download Hucci's 22-Track EP, "404"

Image via Hucci


Image via Hucci

Image via Hucci

For almost three years, many lovers of the trap scene have been wondering when Hucci would have his true breakout moment. He kicked in the door early with his Novocane EP, which dropped in the tail-end of 2012 and immediately got support from trap demigods like Flosstradamus. While he scored some lush remixes and got a few mixes on the BBC, it feels like he’s been on truly intense tune away from becoming a star; the fact that he’s relied so heavily on samples (which is why Diplo says they haven’t been able to get him on Mad Decent) has been an issue. Still, Hucci’s got beats, and dropped a massive, 22-track EP entitled 404 which highlights why you should be rocking with the UK trap lord.

The title 404 is a weird one; it could either be a homage to the error code for a webpage that can’t be found or an homage to Atlanta (track five is titled “ATL,” so maybe that’s what’s going on). Hucci’s been super mum on what this project is about, but that’s the beauty of giving away 22 gems on a whim. Hucci fans have been waiting for cuts like the SZA-sampling “Leaf” since for the better part of 2014, and he’s also included a slick VIP version of his summer of 2014 smash “Hitta.” The free EP is still chock full of bangers, and should make for a great Saturday night in, turnt with your crew.

For the most part, 404i highlights why–at the very least–you should be keeping your eyes on him. The EP closes with “Panic Cord,” a G FrSH and Gabrielle Aplin-featured track that not only focuses on how easy it should be for MCs to coast over these instrumentals, but Hucci’s ear for utilizing the best out of singers, with Aplin’s vocals being able to delicately glide over the beat. Just HOW Hucci can be more than “that UK-based trap lion that everyone’s rocking with” is anyone’s guess, but 404 is a stunning resume for anyone looking for some heat for their trunks.

EDIT It looks like this was free when it first went up, but it’s now available for the low price of £5.