This Week's Best EDM, Featuring Brodinski, Dark E Freaker, and Flosstradamus

Image via Detritus of Empire


Image via Detritus of Empire

Image via Detritus of Empire

Gotta love holiday weekends. Well, I do. All I can think about is charcoal grills, cold beers, and listening to music in a chill backyard setting. If you’re looking to spice up your backyard BBQ with some dance beats, consider this your playlist.

Flosstradamus – “Mosh Pit” Remixes

Nothing like a batch of remixes of a rowdy Flosstradamus number to get the blood pumping.


Darq E Freaker – “Minger”

POssibly the biggest number we’ve heard so far this year. Darq E Freaker absolutely smacks it.


Brodinski’s V Magazine Mix

A stunning mix of rap tracks and electronic heat. Just hit play and ride out.


Feed Me – “Time For Myself”

Dirty, bouncy electro beats from one of the masters, who will be embarking on a North American tour very soon.


Raheem Bakaré – “Portrait of Love (DJ Q Remix)”

DJ Q continues to smack it, this time applying his UKG pressure to Raheem Bakaré’s “Portrait of Love.”


Heroes x Villains ft. Naz Tokio – “Illusions”

If you need one turn up anthem for this weekend, make it “Illusions.”


Jubilee – “JMZ Riddim”

You might even want to have this twisting for later in the evening, when the brew has you feeling right and it’s time to get dirty. Proper dancehall-influenced number.


StéLouse – “The City” EP

This guy StéLouse has been truly impressive, and his new EP keeps you guessing. Bright, beautiful beats drop like it’s nothing.


Soulection “100K” Compilation

And if you wanted even MORE free material, LA’s Soulection crew celebrated 100K SoundCloud followers with this free release.


Lido – “Money”

Pelican Fly is on a roll, and the next few weeks will be really interesting. Due out early June is Lido’s I Love You EP, which features this gem “Money.”


Nadus’ Greatest (mixed by Dirty South Joe)

Before that release, Pelican Fly is dropping Nadus’ Broke City EP, and to hype up Nadus’ debut EP, Philly legend Dirty South Joe went in the mix, dropping 50 Nadus cuts in 92 minutes. Get educated.


DJ Dodger Stadium – “Love Songs”

Jerome LOL + Samo Sound Boy = DJ Dodger Stadium. Catch a glimpse of their debut LP, Friend of Mine, with this intoxicating cut “Love Songs.” Roll credits.


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