Jay Z's '4:44' is Here and the Memes Are Glorious

The thirteenth studio album from Jay Z is a world-class body of work, and it's inspiring equally great memes.

Jay Z at 2017 Sundance Film Festival

Image via Getty/Nicholas Hunt

Jay Z at 2017 Sundance Film Festival

Jay Z's 13th studio album 4:44 is here, and after one listen it's clear that Jay Z is still capable of putting out a world-class album.

While we're still taking time to dissect all of the advice, apologies, and double entendres, and determine whether or not this album is a classic, one thing is already undoubtedly glorious: the memes.

Jay Z comes after Kanye West, he admits to cheating on Beyoncé, and he offers life advice that only a billionaire who came from nothing can give. He gets political and personal, and of course the internet is having a field day breaking down Jigga's bars and turning them into the bite-sized, shareable pieces of hilarious content we love to devour. Even those who can't listen to the TIDAL exclusive album are getting in on the action. Music and memes baby, they make the world go 'round. So kick back, enjoy the album, and check out some of the best memes 4:44 has blessed us with. Young!

When Jay Z said "a loss ain't a loss it's a lesson, appreciate the pain it's a blessing" pic.twitter.com/VhrTH7IHUv
"You wanna know what's more important that throwing money at the strip club??? Credit" - Jay Z pic.twitter.com/voPFcQQhxL
When somebody tries to say Jay Z is trash pic.twitter.com/RlLfmKks1r
When Kanye heard "Kill Jay Z" pic.twitter.com/U0KWVy1Fkx
Me right now looking up stocks and investments I can afford after listening to the story of OJ by Jay z pic.twitter.com/BNtElU3olF
Reading y'all Jay Z lyric tweets, tryna imagine how the songs sound, since I don't have tidal. pic.twitter.com/05yC7Dmac8
Me Reading people's tweets about the new Jay Z Album pic.twitter.com/eSOa3WUSdx
me rewatching the solange elevator thing rn knowing what jay z did and that she should have beat him harder for all of us pic.twitter.com/oMz0V7PxDH
When errybody talking bout Jay Z new album but you still waiting for the link pic.twitter.com/zueqBRtUZr
I would just like to say that Beyoncé and JAY-Z are two of the most remarkable artists of all time and we are blessed to witness it live. pic.twitter.com/yPnGRi9BHU
Hoes: hey wyd this wee...
Me after 4:44: pic.twitter.com/DApkae5vcN
Beyonce in the studio making sure jay z tells the truth pic.twitter.com/6ENuyOv2Cv
Blue asked about the will because she had to get the inheritance details in order with the twins coming. She's a smart girl pic.twitter.com/Jg6QsrfwD2
Instant heat!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥@S_C_ #JayZ #444 #KillJayZ pic.twitter.com/4mGIxBrgVx