Listen to Minnesota Rap Trio FREEWIFI's New Song "SALSA"

One of the members even got a P&P tattoo.

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Back in 2013 we wrote an article called "How To Get Your Music Posted on Blogs." Half-jokingly we included "Get a Pigeons & Planes tattoo" because back then about 12 people read the site daily. Well, Tha Rift from FREEWIFI was one of those people, and he went and actually got a P&P tattoo.

Now, when we wrote that in 2013, Pigeons & Planes was very different. We posted new music we liked and lists. That was about it. But since then the brand has grown and evolved into a platform that puts on live shows, sells merch, and creates original video and series like What Had Happened Was and our newest endeavor, Hounded. We also still make lists, post new music we like, and are always trying to discover the best new music from unknown artists. So we do not want this to set the precedent that getting a P&P tattoo means you are guaranteed a blog post.

However, in 2013 we said that we would do this, and Tha Rift held us to it. So, here is FREEWIFI's latest song "SALSA," and it's actually pretty hot. The three Minneapolis MCs trade bars over the Angelo Bombay produced track, and "SALSA" is full of clever lines that deserve an extra listen or two. So while we can't guarantee getting a P&P tattoo will get you a post anymore, it will still get out attention. And if you bring the heat like FREEWIFI did, then a post might happen. Check our "SALSA" below:

Here's the video of Tha Rift getting the P&P logo tattooed. Bird gang for life.