Meet White Gold, the Bronx Producer with a Contagious "Celebration"

"It’s all the same 12 notes, just played in different ways."

white gold celebration
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white gold celebration

There's another musical prodigy making work in the Bronx. But while White Gold is well aware of his borough's history—he grew up in the Marble Hill housing projects, and now lives on the south side—his musical tastes range far and wide. Influences include Mastodon and conductor Gene Page. He says Paul McCartney is "the greatest songwriter to walk the planet," and revels in his own contrasting interests. "Being black and coming from the projects," he said, "White Gold is meant to signify the bond between rich and poor, light and dark, good and evil."

Those philosophical musings aren't immediately apparent on "Celebration," White Gold's debut appearance as a solo artist. It's an empowering, anthemic cut that finds the longtime songwriter coming out from behind the mixing board to create something truly contagious. Until now, White Gold had mostly produced for other artists under another name. But now he has a hit on his hands, and the right people in his corner—he shares a manager, Steven Victor, with Pusha T.  

With all that in mind, there's a lot for White Gold to look forward to. Listen to "Celebration" below, then read our interview to hear how the song was made and what's next for this exciting new artist.

Can you introduce yourself? Who are you, where are you from?

I’m White Gold, an artist that grew up in the Marble Hill housing projects and currently living on the south side of the Bronx. The name White Gold has many meanings but one of the most significant ones is the idea of juxtaposition. If you separate the two names, just think about their opposite words or meanings. Being black and coming from the projects, White Gold is meant to signify the bond between rich and poor, light and dark, good and evil.

What made you want to step into the spotlight, so to speak, as an artist on vocals?

Honestly, I just like writing and arranging songs. My friends told me to put shit out and get serious with it, but I never planned on being an artist until my friends gave me that push. Shout out Tyler Busher and Brando Rojas for being instrumental in me releasing music. Tyler is the one who really pushed me to become an artist and Brando is literally the engine behind everything. He runs my day-to-day.  We also come up with concepts, ideas and run through strategy together. He's an essential piece in keeping this thing going.

"Celebration" marks your entrance as an artist on the microphone—why did you choose this song to be your debut, and what does it mean to you?

It's just a tribute to every woman that’s ever held me down.  I’m not speaking about a single person but there are jewels for specific women and when they hear it, they’ll know it’s about them.  For me, it's just a feel good song paying homage to women in a different, nuanced way. 

Do you consider yourself a rapper?

I honestly don’t consider myself a rapper right now.  I feel like as time progresses I’ll be able to claim that title but for now, what I do teeters on the line of rap and R&B.  I won’t be mad if someone calls me a rapper though because I can clearly rhyme.

How was “Celebration” created?

The song started as a sample I chopped up for another beat I created years prior. Every now and then I go through old shit and listen to see if I can flip stuff in a better way since my ears mature with time.  I heard the sample, re-chopped it and laid some drums on it. I sat with it for a week and had a friend come in to try background vocals on it.  

It didn’t work out, but I knew that background vocals would add something unique to the music that I haven’t heard in the industry right now. I ended up coming up with the chants myself and when random friends of mine would come through, I'd make them add their vocals to the backgrounds. We had to take the sample out so we didn't get sued. I called the god of gods, Maki, to help me recreate the sample.  Maki works with Just Blaze and did the guitars for Eminem's "Monster." 

You're managed by Steven Victor, Pusha T's manager and GOOD Music affiliate. How did you get connected with him?

I met Steve through my good friend Kelvin Brown.  Him and JNewz were the first two people to believe in my music and actually help make moves for me.  Those are all my brothers.

Have you met Pusha and the other GOOD Music artists? Any plans on working with them?  

I’ve met a few of the GOOD Music guys. I've worked with them in the past but under another moniker.

Do you plan on producing for other artists and doing remixes still, or is everything you make from now on going to be for yourself?

I’m really passionate about making good music so I’m definitely going to be producing for people.  Executive producing for people and trying to help artists realize their visions.  I work in the indie and pop realm a lot on the low and I feel like my hooks, song structures and arrangements will be indicative of it as I release more songs.

What made you want to start making music in the first place, and major influences?

I started making music because of a couple of my dorm mates in college.  They produced and got me into it. I’ve been a lyrics person my whole life though. I was the kid that played and paused every two seconds of a Bone Thugs album to write down lyrics so I could recite it with them.  

I’m also heavily influenced and inspired by other genres.  From classic rock to hip-hop to death metal, and down to classical.  It’s all the same 12 notes, just played in different ways. In Western music, anyways. The beauty of music is that you can make it your own, just by the way you play the same shit everyone has.  If I had to list artists or bands that really shaped me musically I’d say Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Big, Bob Marley, Iron Maiden, Mastodon, The Mars Volta, Smokey Robinson, Anything Thom Bell produced or arranged, Same with Gene Page and the GOAT band…The Beatles. Paul McCartney is the greatest songwriter to walk the planet, and the way he tells stories is second to none. I study Paul all day.

What kind of music are you into today?

Today I’m into everything.  I fuck with Schoolboy Q the most.  He crafts albums and projects really well. Kendrick is up there, and Drake, Big Sean—the usual suspects man.  They all have shit to offer the game and they’ve inspired me in some shape or fashion.

What's your goal with music, where do you want to be in five or ten years?

In five to 10 years, I wanna be considered as one of the best artists to make music.  The Chrysopoeia of White Gold should take about 10 years to unfold.

What do you want people to take from your music?

At this particular moment I want people to have fun with this single. Celebrate your woman if you have one or pay tribute to your mom or any woman in your life. I also want people to understand that coming from where I come from, you don’t always have to be one thing. I’m an intellectual, but I will slap the shit outta someone on a whim. I say crazy shit and then I give life advice. It's all me, parts of me. There are a lot of drug references in my music because there were a lot of drugs in my life when I didn’t have the support of my family. A life I worked very hard to get out of. I want people to follow the journey, because I really do have something to say, it just won’t reveal itself until a bit later. But for now, enjoy and get ready.

What's next from you? When can we expect more music, a project, a tour, or whatever else you have in store?

You can expect a project from me by the end of the summer and then some more music after that.  I plan on releasing music regularly from here till I feel like I’ve said everything I was put on this Earth to say.

What else do you want people to know about White Gold?

How you see me now is the way that I want you to.