Legends Collide on Previously Unreleased Prince and Miles Davis Collaboration

Prince Miles Davis


Prince Miles Davis

Images via Warner Brothers and Facebook

Storied jazz musician Miles Davis always had very kind words to say about Prince. In a video interview (found below), he said he thought of him as a combination of James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, and Charlie Chaplin. Quite the compliment. He also made a point of mentioning in his 1990 autobiography that, “his shit was the most exciting music I was hearing in 1982.”

Now that both iconic musicians have sadly left us, a never-released track called “Can I Play With U?” that was originally written by Prince for Davis’ 1986 album Tutu has found its way online. While it didn’t make the cut when the record was put together, it’s an enjoyable listen—and a fascinating instance of two once-in-a-lifetime performers bouncing ideas off each other. A stream of the track (as well as video of Davis’ thoughts on Prince) can be found below.



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