1 Fascinating Fact About 40 of Your Favorite Artists

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crazy fact musicians

Do you know what fast food restaurant Pharrell was fired from as a teenager, only to get hired to write their jingle ten years later? Have you heard what Tyler, The Creator named the cockroach he ate in the "Yonkers" video? More information is available about our favorite musicians than ever, and some of the most interesting things fall through the cracks. So, we did some digging and found one fascinating fact you might not know about 40 of your favorite artists.

Lil Wayne's first rap name was Shrimp Daddy.

lil wayne

Frank Ocean’s dog Everest is credited as the executive producer on 'Channel Orange.'


Earl Sweatshirt hacked Odd Future's Tumblr and wrote draft messages to communicate with Tyler when he was in Samoa.

best rappers under 25 earl sweatshirt

Kurt Cobain met with a recruiter and almost joined the Navy, but he got stoned and blew off their final meeting.

kurt cobain getty mtv unplugged

Tyler, the Creator named the cockroach he ate for "Yonkers" Nissan.

best rappers under 25 tyler the creator

The Weeknd's 'House of Balloons' is a real place located at 65 Spencer Ave in Parkdale, Toronto.

weeknd house of balloons

Kanye West made kids pay to watch him break dance when he lived in China as a fifth grader.

kanye west childhood

Grimes has failed her driver's test at least five times.

grimes youtube

St. Vincent's 2007 album 'Marry Me' is based on an 'Arrested Development' joke.

St. Vincent Press Photo

The Rolling Stones used to perform with a giant inflatable penis on stage that they called "Tired Grandfather."

rolling stones inflatable

Björk sent flowers to the family of the man who tried to kill her.

Bjork Pens Open Letter

Lana Del Rey wants Kanye West to play at her wedding in exchange for playing his.


Travis Scott's rap name is inspired by his favorite uncle.

Travis Scott

Chance The Rapper voiced Bob Marley on the Cartoon Network show 'Black Dynamite.'

chance the rapper magnificent coloring world

Lil Uzi Vert's only job was as a grocery store stock boy. He quit after four days and they went out of business.

Lil Uzi Vert

The Beatles lived backstage at a German theater in 1960 until they got kicked out for lighting a condom on fire.

the beatles getty

MF Doom's original mask was made out of a Darth Maul Halloween mask, cut and painted silver.

mf doom

Anderson .Paak was in a group called Block Cheddar and their first project featured all Coldplay remixes.

paak microphone

Donald Glover would record audio of episodes of 'The Simpsons' as a child because he wasn't allowed to watch TV.

childish gambino awaken my love

Eminem was offered Matt Damon's lead role in 'Elysium' but turned it down because they wouldn't film it in Detroit.

20 best rap comeback eminem

Pharrell was fired by McDonald's three times before co-writing their "I'm Lovin' It" jingle ten years later.

Pharrell Williams at Paris Fashion Week

FKA Twigs' moniker refers to the way her bones crack when she dances.

fka twigs youtube

Post Malone used to cameo on a Minecraft YouTube channel before "White Iverson."

post malone minecraft channel

Beyoncé has a horse fly—the Scaptia beyonceae—named after her because the fly is "the all-time diva of flies."


Kid Cudi slept next to his mother until he was 12, dealing with night terrors and his father's death.

25 things kid cudi mexican native american

Arcade Fire's Win and Régine wrote "Headlights Look Like Diamonds" (from their 2003 EP) on their first date.

Arcade Fire press photo

Notorious B.I.G. recorded a song for a Pepsi ad that never aired.

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Drake's uncle Larry Graham played bass for Prince and introduced him to his faith as a Jehova's Witness.

This is a photo of Drake.

21 Savage was expelled from all schools in his district for bringing a gun to class in seventh grade.

21 savage all the smoke

Kali Uchis used to be a serious saxophone player.

kali uchis

Jay Z tested at a twelfth grade level as a sixth grader before he lost interest, later dropping out of high school.

jay z

OutKast wanted to call themselves "Misfits" but it was taken so they found its synonym "outcast" in the dictionary.

OutKast press photo

HAIM's Este and Danielle were in teen group Valli Girls and sang the theme song for animated TV show 'Trollz.'

haim valli girls

Run The Jewels got their name from an LL Cool J song, "Cheesy Rat Blues."

run jewels rtj mike el p

Kendrick Lamar watched Tupac and Dr. Dre film the "California Love" music video when he was nine.

Kendrick Lamar performs at a recent concert.

Jaden Smith wants to be a K-Pop star.

This is a photo of Jaden Smith.

Noah "40" Shebib was a child actor whose first major role was on the 'Goosebumps' TV series.

noah 40 shebib goosebumps

Lil Yachty's favorite band of all time is Coldplay.

lil yachty press neil favila

Pusha T says he was an owl in a previous lifetime because he's observant and wise.

pusha t interview 2016 cover story

Tupac was a ballet dancer at Baltimore School for the Arts, where he played the Mouse King in 'The Nutcracker.'

Tupac Shakur

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