30 Music Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

Cameras are everywhere, but these music photographers are proving a great photo is still an art form.

music photographers
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music photographers

If you're tired of looking at your friends' boring Throwback Thursday photos or corny inspirational quotes, you might want to liven up your feed by following professional music photographers. Their job is to capture your favorite artists in the best light, so their Instagram accounts are always full of entertaining photos. Check out some of our favorites below.

Jonathan Mannion

Julian Bajsel

Cam Kirk

Ashley Osborn

Gunner Stahl

Alexandra Gavillet

Marcus Hyde

Alexander McDonell

Brook Bobbins

Stefan R. Kohli

Maclay Heriot

Armen Keleshian

Charlie Peacher

Zoe Rain

Ashley Verse

Sacha Lecca

Ethan Holland

Brandon Artis

Mel D. Cole

Raven B

Andres Tardio

Greg Noire


Hannah Sider

Gibson Hazard

Kevin Wong

David Camarena

Slick Jackson

Ray's Corrupted Mind