Bromance Records Producer GENER8ION Releases New EP and Stunning 'Unite or Perish' Magazine


The pace at which proudly independent Paris-based label Bromance Records releases music is astonishing, but what is even more impressive is how high they keep the quality. They only recently dropped their Homieland Vol. 2 compilation, and then last Friday saw the release of both Club cheval’s album Discipline and GENER8ION’s new six-track G8N003 EP.

GENER8ION is the musical project of French producer Surkin, and his new EP is being released as part of a global multimedia project, with a magazine, exhibition, and parties. The magazine, Unite or Perish, includes features from M.I.A. and director Romain Gavras (who Surkin collaborated with on the stunning “The New International Sound Pt. II”), as well as musician Jackson, artistic directors Virgil Abloh and Guillaume Berg, Partel Oliva from Kenzo, and design from David Rudnick.

The magazine, which is on sale on the GENER8ION website looks pretty incredible, and you can get a sneak peek at it in the gallery below. There is also an accompanying exhibition from March 4 to May 13 at the Red Bull Space in Paris.

Don’t let this the magazine distract you from the music, though, because the EP is great, flitting between tempos and styles, a raw and rugged dance music extravaganza. Listen in full via the YouTube player above and buy the G8N003 EP here.