Stitches on the Game: "I Don’t Like Him, But I Can Thank Him In a Way"

Image via Stereogum


Image via Stereogum

Image via Stereogum

The Game and Stitches have successfully lain siege to the December news cycle. Today, beef between the two artists returned to make headlines across the internet; fortunately, there’s reason to suspect the scuffle may settle.

In a newly published interview with XXL Magazine, Stitches candidly spoke to writer Roger Krastz about the feud’s beginnings (a Kylie Jenner tweet) and the betrayal that left him in a distrustful state (“I let my guard down”). Most telling is his refusal to escalate tensions further, immediately shutting down the possibility of filing for a law suit and labeling the behavior of both sides as “childish.” He even thanked the Game for bringing heightened attention to his music.

Here’s to hoping this cools, quickly, and a reported boxing match dissolves. If you want to learn more about the Miami rapper, head over to XXL to read the full interview.

Watch a video of Stitches discussing the beef with TMZ below.