Watch the Premiere of Tommy Newport's Creative Quarantine-Shot "Marigold" Music Video

The DIY teenage artist is taking off with a funky indie rock sound that feels classic but still modern.

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Tommy Newport is an independent artist who is originally from the UK but grew up in America and is currently based in Kansas. After a standout COLORS performance of "Movie Screen," the DIY teenager is taking off with a funky indie rock sound that feels classic but still modern. His latest single is "Marigold," and during the quarantine lockdown he directed, shot, and edited a vivid technicolor music video himself. Watch the premiere above, and look out for more music videos on the Pigeons & Planes YouTube channel in the coming weeks and months. 

Of "Marigold," Tommy tells us, "The inspiration for the song is based on the contrast of a flower and how it needs help from all the elements to blossom but is also stuck in one place forever - and how that relationship parallels our own lives. The video was very fun to produce, and my first time ever directing, shooting and editing a music video—during quarantine at that! I had lots of time on my hands and had to get very creative with what I had. Working around the confines of quarantine, I wanted to make the footage aspect ratios and colors jump out and grab the eye, rather than a ton of locations and people and other things you usually have at your disposal for music videos. I had lots of fun getting over the roadblocks and creating something with limited resources that would be remembered."

There's more on the way too, as Tommy shares that an EP is scheduled for this summer. For the meantime, Tommy is stuck at home in Kansas but staying creative and inspired. "I like to dive deep into pop culture, movies, music and see what the world’s vibes are all about and find ideas to be inspired by," he says. "I’ve been getting outside, cruising around enjoying the fresh air. On top of that, doing a lot of writing and working out creative direction for the future. I like learning as much as I can about the past and pulling inspiration from all the greats before me."