See You Next Year is the first-ever Pigeons & Planes compilation album, in partnership with Big.Ass.Kids and distributed by ADA. The project is executive produced by Mike Dean and features original songs from Teezo Touchdown, Terry Presume, Redveil, Fana Hues, EKKSTACY, Wallice, Dreamer Isioma, Brevin Kim, Ben Reilly, Baird, and Sash. Read more about all the artists involved here.

The See You Next Year album has been out for almost exactly 2 months now and the reception has been incredible. From the very start this project has felt like an important next step in the evolution of Pigeons & Planes, but seeing a full album of original music available to listen to really brought home how far the brand has come from the early blog days of posting .mp3 download links to the hottest new releases.

Now, we’re working directly with the artists and their teams—not to mention Mike Dean—on shaping a compilation album and creating IRL experiences like bringing all the artists together to meet in-person and the listening parties in NY and LA. This renewed focus on tangible, memorable moments can also be seen in the return after two years of our No Ceilings live concerts. We’re back with two shows in New York in December, and Wallice, who contributed “Mean Girl” to See You Next Year, is headlining one of them. (Kenny Mason headlines the other show, more info and tickets here.)

Streaming or downloading are wonderfully convenient ways of listening to music, but a special vinyl release was essential for See You Next Year, and now the day is here. We can’t wait to hold this little piece of music history in our hands and for someone in the distant future to find a strange album cover dotted with pigeons, pull out the record, blow off the dust, and enjoy these songs.

Grab your copy of See You Next Year on vinyl here.
Only available until October 21, 2022.

Incredible artwork designed by Henock “HK” Sileshi.

Exclusive content from the artists on the album will be randomly inserted into the vinyl packaging, including 20 limited edition signed SYNY Rookie Relic Cards. Inspired by “game worn” jersey baseball cards, each individually numbered card includes an signed Polaroid from the SYNY shoot and features a swatch or personal artist relic embedded on the back of the card. Designed by Big.Ass.Kids and ATC.

See more images of the artwork (check out those gatefold details) and the Rookie Relic Cards below.

see you next year album front back card

see you next year album gatefold design

see you next year album baseball card

See You Next Year Class of 2022

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