Watch Drake's Father Play Himself in Arkells' "Drake's Dad" Video

Drake's dad is such a star that he got a song named after him.

When it comes to the parents of celebrities, for the most part we’re used to seeing them somewhat in the background. Maybe they’ll make an appearance on the red carpet, at an award show, or on their famous child’s Instagram. But Dennis Graham, aka Drake’s dad, has proved to be a star on his own.

Apparently, Mr. Graham is such a fan favorite that he recently had a song named after him by Canadian band Arkells. The band even got Graham to be apart of their video. He just plays himself, because when you’re that fly in real life there’s really no need to play a character.

Arkells’ frontman Max Kerman explained to Consequence of Sound that the single was inspired after an extremely rare run-in with Drake’s dad. “Last summer I was on a road trip with my best friends through the American South,” Kerman explained, “and in the middle of the night, we happened to meet Drake’s dad—Dennis Graham—in a Memphis bar.”

Watch the video above.