Listen to New Singles from Lunice and Baauer for LuckyMe's Advent Calendar

Lunice and Baauer share new singles with LuckyMe.

LuckyMe Advent Calendar

Image via SoundCloud

LuckyMe Advent Calendar

Each year LuckyMe shares their Advent Calendar of music, where they release singles from various artists during the Advent season. Although the Advent season of 2016 has officially come to an end, LuckyMe isn't done sharing the gift of new music.

For this year's selection, LuckyMe recruited singles from an array of artists. To kick off the new year, LuckyMe shared two new tracks from Lunice and Baauer. The first single of the year, "One Question" by Lunice, feels like a futuristic soundtrack with a cluster of opposing sounds working together to create something new.

Baauer's track "CandyMan" on the other hand features a booming bassline as it blends hints of hip-hop and R&B with elements of electronic music. The fusion makes for a sound that transform from mellow, relaxed tones to a rhythm that gradually gets just upbeat enough for people to dance along to. Both singles are currently available for free download on LuckyMe's website.

Listen to the full list of songs so far here, and check out Lunice and Baauer's new singles below.