Montreal band Skeleton Club make fuzzy, guitar-driven songs with big hooks and an irrepressible sense of fun. The band consists of childhood friends Chris Anglin (guitar/synth/sampler), Andrew Matthews (bass/vocals), and Morgan Zwicker (drums). According to Skeleton Club, they "began inside a sketchy warehouse in Montréal when west-coaster childhood pals Chris and Andrew met east-coaster Morgan Zwicker through a "drummer wanted" ad on kijiji." 

"Brad Pitt" is a perfect introduction to their sound and is the band's third single of the year, after releasing an album in 2019. "'Brad Pitt' is about the summer I bought a 200$ pickup truck and lived up in the mountains in Nelson, BC delivering pizzas to pay the rent. We all had an unreal summer of debauchery and working on music," Chris from Skeleton Club explains. "The truck really did break down tho so we just walked home and had to leave it behind.. easy come easy go  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

On the important subject of his favorite Brad Pitt movie, Chris notes: "It's tempting to say Fight Club is the favorite but I gotta go with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - honestly I think the guy is getting better with age."