It’s more difficult than ever to predict where music is going. We’ve got all the data in the world, but with inspiration and collaboration flowing freely, things can change in an instant. One good indication of what’s coming next is what’s gaining traction in the underground, and OSQuinn is an artist who’s already got momentum just outside of the mainstream purview. Plus, she's making music that reflects this moment of time perfectly.

Formerly known as p4rkr, OSQuinn came out as trans in early 2020 and has been using the new alias ever since. The Virginia native is barely old enough to drive, but her online following has been growing since 2019. Through prolific releases, she's showcased a dynamic flurry of music ranging from loud hyperpop to solemn simplicity. 

“I think I’m going to stay with the sound I’m at now,” she tells us. “I never thought I would be at this point this fast.” Quinn’s new music racks up tens of thousands of plays in a matter of weeks, but she does just as well on Spotify (under the name p4rkr), hinting at appeal beyond the lesser populated corners of the internet.

Whether it’s through strikingly relatable narratives of modern teenage life, or her keen capacity for blending alternative ethos with pop accessibility, Quinn has become both the spitting image of today’s youth and the prototype for what might be coming next.

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