Johnny Goth is a walking contradiction. Despite painting his face with a sinister makeup look, the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist crafts lo-fi bedroom pop with a soft, poignant sweetness. Born and raised in Burbank, California, Johnny was driven to start his own project after discovering DIY artists like Teen Suicide and Alex G on YouTube. “They made me realize that I can [make music] myself," he explains. "I never really thought that I could sing or anything, so I never thought that I could be my own artist.” Writing and recording all of his songs himself, Johnny Goth performs as a 3-piece band alongside his bassist Tino and drummer Damien, who help translate Johnny’s productions into a live band format. 

Since Johnny Goth’s inception in 2015, hushed vocals, dreamy guitars, and swirling synths have all become a staple within the indie-rocker’s creations, best heard on tracks like “Sleep in the Light” and “Ghost Under My Bed.” Yet there’s always been a darker, grittier undertone to Johnny Goth’s singular style as he examines themes of religion, the afterlife, and the occult on songs like “Faith” and “Land of the Evil.” More recently, he’s been channeling his electronic, post-punk, nu-metal and even trap influences within his production as he explores a heavier sound for his upcoming album.

With such a discernable variety of influences within his music, even Johnny himself has  difficulty pinpointing what genre he best fits into. Instead, he explains that his music is best described as a dark, cloudy day. “I feel like I'm trying to not fit a certain genre when I make music now...When people ask what my sound is, one of the keywords I try to push is ‘overcast.’ It just seems like it fits.”

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