Trap or not, Atlanta is a city most prominently defined by hip-hop. However, in an age where genre is becoming increasingly fluid and DIY scenes are lively as ever, there’s more than meets the eye in Georgia’s capital.

Adjacent to the new age of Atlanta hip-hop is a buzzing alternative scene, similar to the hip-hop infrastructure in its values of live performance and collaboration. We’re watching artists turn bedroom-ready records into sold out venues, and homemade demos into millions of streams. The current day and age of music is the Wild West, and these alternative artists are helping to navigate it, just left of Atlanta’s hip-hop fabric. If there’s anything to know about Atlanta, it’s that the city will always make room for talent.

After speaking with and introducing five Atlanta rappers bubbling up with alternative approaches and varied styles, we're now looking beyond rap. Meet five alternative artists inspired by genres like rock, soul, R&B, pop, and electronic music, and spinning them into their own unique sounds.

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