London-based teen Bea Kristi (aka Beabadoobee) has taken the world by storm with her beautiful, intimate love songs. Her latest EP Loveworm, for example, was entirely inspired by a rough patch with her boyfriend Soren. But writing about love is an integral part of Filipino culture—she’s just giving back what she’s absorbed her whole life. “I grew up on love songs. I grew up singing at the karaoke bar, watching my mom sing that one really famous Filipino love song on repeat. It’s just in my nature to talk about love.” 

Although she doesn’t draw directly from traditional Filipino influences, Bea’s found that, lately, hints of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) have been showing up in her work. She really never sought out Filipino artists on her own—Bea went the angsty-teen, One Direction to Green Day to Sonic Youth route—but it seems like the subconscious effect of her mom playing Itchyworms still shows.

Today, Bea is living her parents’ Filipino pop star dreams. “That’s what my mum says! She says, when I was a kid I wanted to be you. And I’m like wow, that’s sick,” she laughs. But she didn’t always have the same faith in herself. Feeling out of place at an all-girls, predominantly white Catholic school pressured Bea to wear white foundation and change her style, until she discovered the British band Lush and its Asian lead singer, Miki Berenyi, who first inspired her to dye her hair red. Now though, Bea is more confident: “There are some days where I’m like damn, is this gonna work out? But at the same time, never do you see an Asian with blue hair that does music. So I guess I’ll take that spot before anyone else does!”

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