Jab Julien passion for words was evident as a child; he consistently excelled in English and began writing poetry at the age of 8. In the 5th grade, he displayed his genius when he freestyled in front of his entire class that stirred up his creative drive for music making. Now as an adult, he has found a home in Atlanta and flows over an 808 beat, with artistic precision that is more like a symphony than a conversation.

On his latest release, 8OSS UP, a conceptual and innovative EP that includes 8 tracks with the infinity symbol representing the 8, Jab Julien crafts lyrics and melodies that are clever and classic, as well as timeless. The project is about striving to become a better version of ones self every day, trusting the process and advancing towards an infinite vision, which is also the label name. Being that Jab Julien had his hard drive stolen in the midst of recording, the title 8OSS UP is the result of his own personal journey of perseverance. 

Now he's here with his new single "FaceTime," produced by 1998 Beats. Check out the new single below.