MGMT recently sat down with Tom Scharpling for an interview on his podcast, The Best Show, talking about the messy experience of working on their second studio album Congratulations among other topics. The 2010 album was the follow-up to their 2010 breakthrough Oracular Spectacular, and as Pitchfork points out, they explained that they had asked the late Lou Reed to contribute to the album in some form.

Unfortunately for them, Reed wasn't all that interested in working with them. The duo asked Reed to provide a spoken-word appearance to their track "Lady Dad's Nightmare," but as they explained, “He pretty much said it didn’t need it.” Better yet, he offered the pair some career advice following the request. “And then he talked about how we also didn’t need managers, and our managers were there," they added.

While it's a shame it didn't work out for them, they did say they were glad they at least got to me him, and that they ran into Reed again in the future when they turned up to a dog show he was at. "When we saw him at the [Westminster] Dog Show… We kind of, like, dressed up like dandies. We were just being really silly. Fred had on a top hat, and I had on a velvet jacket and a scarf and gloves. I had a notepad. I was taking notes on the dogs." Okay, then.