And we're back!

The weekly P&P Freestyle Challenge continued this week, this time with a cartoon-themed challenge. The winner is @BoomFuego with his "P&P Cartoon Freestyle." Why did we decide to crown @BoomFuego the champ? Here's why:

- It's a really good 16 with tons of cartoon references. 

- The video is a nice touch. Now I know some people will say, "But you can't even see him! He could be reading off paper! It's a written!!!" And to those people I would say, "True, but we never specified that you must be on camera. BoomFuego showed a level of creativity we admire, and the video adds to the freestyle." Great post-production, Boom.

- The P&P references. These aren't requirements but they're always nice to see. Thanks guys. 

- The flow he hits with "Looney Tunes everywhere man this ish crazy..." is sick. 

Once again, it was awesome to see so many people participate and get involved in the replies. Go check out the thread for more submissions and let us know who we missed.

P&P Freestyle Challenge 3 will be announced next Wednesday at 12:00pm EST. See you next week. 

Watch BoomFuego's winning freestyle below.