Wiki's No Mountains in Manhattan was one of the best records of 2017, and the New York rhymer was generous enough to drop off two more tracks that he had in the chamber. "Hands Out" and "Ballin on the Low" had previously been included in Wiki's 8-bit, Super Mario inspired online game, but are now available for streaming on their own.

"Hands Out" is a middle finger to those expecting a ride on Wiki's coattails. There's a grime quality to its icy lead melody, and features a verse from UK rapper Suspect. "Ballin on the Low" includes his fellow Secret Circle member Antwon and is dreamier and more melodic with textured, vintage-sounding synths and chittering hi-hats. It's 100 percent New York though, as Wiki's idea of balling includes bagels and lox and a trip to a Russian bathhouse.

Wiki was recently featured on the new album Everything is Recorded from XL Recordings founder Richard RussellListen to "Hands Out" and "Ballin on the Low" above and watch Wiki be interviewed by puppies as part of our Hounded Series.

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