Drumlines bring people together. That's the moral of Vansire's story—Josh Augustin and Sam Winemiller met in their high school's percussion corps and started recording shortly thereafter. Now they're both in college, seemingly immune to the trials and tribulations of a long-distance relationship: Josh is studying at Oberlin's music conservatory in Ohio, and Sam is studying architecture in Minnesota. Sam's brother Isaac providesmost of the bass lines. 

Today we're sharing the first single off their upcoming album. "Star Catcher" features some murky, silky verse from Florida rapper Chester Watson, creating a truly unique blend of indie rock and hip-hop that doesn't land firmly in either camp.  "Last summer I hit up Chester to feature on my next beat tape," Augustin told us. "I'd been listening since the early Phantom days and was a huge fan, so I cold called him... Along with the beats, I stuck on a couple links to Vansire songs. Within 24 hours, he got back to us with this incredible verse."

The album other features P&P favorites like Jeremiah Jae and is tentatively slated for a late March release. It's called Angel Youth, and will be released through Spirit Goth. In the meantime, listen to "Star Catcher" below:

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