Drake stalkers, rejoice. A rare piece of Toronto history was allegedly unearthed over the weekend, when a notebook of handwritten lyrics dating back to 2002 was posted to the auction site Moments In Time.

TMZ reports that the purple spiral notebook is currently going for $54,000, and contains lyrics from Drake's Degrassi days, including a "10 Crack Commandments" spinoff, "10 Mack Commandments." They also give a bit of background: the notebook was found several years ago in the Toronto furniture factory owned by Drake’s grandfather—a clean-up crew almost threw it out, but cooler heads prevailed. If the notebook is real, it brings up some interesting legal questions. Should the crew get to keep the auction earnings? Is Drake entitled to a cut? Or will he continue his run as 2018's great philanthropist?

You can check out scans of the document here, or check out the notebook P&P "found" back in 2014.

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