In 2017, Toronto rapper/singer TOBi was featured on one of our favorite low-key hits with the Clayjay-produced "Ride." To kick off 2018, he's starting with a new single called "January December," produced by Take a Daytrip.

Sonically, TOBi favors modern production and flows, but there's an old soul quality to his vocals that gives tracks like "January December" a deeply personal touch. He writes songs with enough structure to be accessible on first listen but always gives himself room to improvise and weave constantly evolving deliveries through the production. It keeps things interesting and engaging, with just the right amount of unpredictability.

Speaking on "January December," TOBi explains, "The main goal with this song and my other songs in a similar vein is to challenge hyper-masculine ideals and traditional gender roles in relationships."

Listen below, and stay tuned for more from TOBi.