For the third video off his acclaimed In Tongues EP, Joji went all out. The first two visuals—for "will he" and "demons"—were eerie, unsettling affairs. They seemed to take place in the same universe, but direct correlations were few and far between.

"Window" is another matter entirely. Set in a futuristic, Blade Runner-style anime universe, the video pits two female assassins against each other. Joji, meanwhile, lies bound and gagged at the bottom of a pit, and in chains at the bottom of a familiar pool. “There’s a loose narrative of a girl going around this futuristic city slaying demons in order to save me," Joji told i-D. "I’m the damsel in distress.”

It's a wild, highly-saturated effort by director BRTHR, and is Joji's most ambitious video effort yet. A swirl of camera movements and color accent the dream-like quality of the music, and create a fully-formed world for the characters. Come for the harajuku vibes, stay for the beating hearts ripped from ribcages.

Today also brought news of the In Tongues deluxe edition, which will hit DSPs on February 14. Watch "window" above, and get familiar with Joji below.

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