It's almost become a meme at this point. At the top of each year, Coachella releases their lineup. Then, a few days later, weird Craigslist posts start to pop up from ticket holders trying to bribe people to join them at the festival.

Last year, there was a 56-year-old man named Gordie who liked beef jerkey and peanut butter sandwiches. This year, an aspiring electronic music producer is looking for two women to join him at the festival. But they can only join if they listen to demos of his music, are able to write their thoughts in a one-paragraph review, and talk him up to anyone they meet at the festival.

Oh, and they can't like Diplo. He explains, "Don't apply if you like Diplo. In fact if you see Diplo, I'd ask that you treat him like a tool." The Craigslist poster also wants anyone who joins to bring him along to any afterparties they get invited to: "You must insist to those offering the invites that I come with you." Sounds like a fun guy.

Honestly, this probably is just a meme, but if you're willing to take a gamble on those sweet artist passes, Uproxx points out that you can still contact him on Craigslist here.


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