This has to be fake, right? This must be a prank. There’s no way.

An incredibly creepy Craigslist ad—which has been deleted—offering up a free VIP pass and RV ride to Coachella has the internet buzzing with people wondering, what in the world is this? and, what was this dude thinking?

The “ad” was posted by a 56-year-old Los Angeles man named Gordie who has some…eccentric…interests. Gordie offered the Coachella VIP pass—an all-expenses-paid trip—to a female between the ages of 19-25 who was willing to agree to some very strange requests.

They’re so strange, in fact, that we’re doubting the validity of “Gordie.”

Certainly the prize he offered was enticing: Coachella this year features Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Radiohead, and many more, and tickets are in high demand. But we don’t think anyone would agree to this man’s desires—or at least we hope they wouldn’t.

Gordie, or the creative oddball behind this prank, clearly had envisioned how this trip would go down, and he wasn’t shy about laying it all out there. All of it. In unbelievably specific and weird detail. He wanted his guest to be “open-minded and opportunistic,” among other things.

Before you judge us for condemning a random middle-aged guy, read the ad. There are some troubling rape connotations.


If it’s not fake, Gordie is 56, had a good career at Souplantation and a wife of 11 years, and threw it all away because he wants his whole life to be about fun. This is a truly outlandish and public mid-life crisis.

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