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Few artists were as ubiquitous in 2017 as Jaden Smith. From performing at festivals like ComplexCon and Rolling Loud to voicing the lead on Ezra Koenig's Netflix anime Neo Yokio, the teenage singer made plenty of noise this year and backed up the hype with SYRE, a sprawling and fluid project that showed off the breadth and depth of his creativity.

Smith isn't satisfied resting on his laurels for long. He's already announced that, in addition to dropping SYRE's sequel, ERYS, next year, he has plans to put out an all-vocal version of his debut.

Though the clip is brief, it already sounds like the new project will be a powerful companion to the original filled with dense, rich harmonies. Smith also recently said he wants to appear in a Bollywood film, and whether that comes to fruition or not, expect another whirlwind 12 months from one of the most promising young artists out there.

Listen to a snippet of SYRE acapella above, and check out our Best Albums, New Artists, and Songs of 2017 lists, all of which featured Smith.

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