Being Jaden Smith is pretty damn dope. He's already evolving into the hero America needs, whether it be by actually becoming Batman or by dropping one of 2017's most anticipated projects, SYRE. Jaden's truly the future, and he's only 19; the world is truly his oyster, and he plans on doing whatever he wants to do to express himself freely...even if that means getting into the Indian film industry.

It's hard to gauge where this desire is coming from; Jaden wasn't tweeting about Bollywood before this, and appears to have just dropped it after sending the missive. But those seven letters and one emoji were enough to get the public going ham over the possibilities of Jaden Smith going to Bollywood.

Which are all dope, but this tweet might take the cake.

I promise I know nothing about Bollywood, but Jaden Smith might have me watching Bollywood films, just so I can figure out which one he should star in next.