Plies is arguably the greatest entertainer on social media. His tweets are stuff of legends, his brief tenure on Vine was extraordinary, and his Instagram is just consistently great

If you're an avid follower of Plies on Instagram, you know that he loves to spend time in his car. Maybe too much time. Why is Plies driving so much? Where is he going? Here he is eating cereal in his car. Did he pour it in the kitchen and then walk the bowl out to the car? Does he keep milk and cereal in the car? Clearly, often times a Plies Instagram video leaves you with more questions than answers. Which in my opinion, though, is the mark of a creative genius. 

But there's one kind of video that requires little deciphering. The kind in which Plies is singing along to a top 40 radio hit. It's a brief 60 second window into a world I miss so badly; driving and jamming to music. In NYC you just don't get those opportunities to hit the open road, roll the windows down, and scream your lungs out to a song. That's a beautiful moment, and is the best time to rage to "Sleep Now In the Fire" or cry like a bitch to "Runaway." Everything sounds great if you're on an empty road with the world rolling past you. 

So, here's a collection of Plies living his best life and singing along to songs in his car.

It must be noted that Plies just ate a corn dog. 

"Ain't no wall bih!"

Tell me you don't want to be in the backseat of that car while Plies is singing some Bruno. I'll wait. Seriously, I'm waiting. DM me or hit my line.

I mean this is just raw emotion.

Gotta clean your soul sometimes!


Just Cleaning My Soul.....

A post shared by @plies on Aug 13, 2017 at 5:32am PDT

"I think I'm a motherfuckin' redneck!" - Plies, 2017

Need an official Ed Sheeran version of "Thinking Out Loud" with Plies ad libs.


It's Friday!

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