Three months ago, I spoke with the mysterious man behind popular web series Filthy Frank TV and his wild music alter-ego Pink Guy. During the conversation, George Miller mentioned his serious music project under the name Joji and I was blown away by the gorgeous music that filled his SoundCloud page.

At the time, he mentioned that his "main goal is to be able to make music seriously one day." So, I've been obsessively refreshing his SoundCloud for the last twelve weeks hoping for more of the magic I found on songs like "You Suck Charlie" and "Thom." Finally, this morning, Joji returns with a gorgeous new song called "I Don't Wanna Waste My Time."

​"A lot of the time a track just comes together really quickly," he tells me. "I personally love the texture of the track and I really try to make my instrumentals and vocals sound as organic as possible."

When I ask what he's been up to for last few months, Joji says, "I've just been making beats and working on a few big projects. I've been incredibly busy working.​" Addressing the rumors of a long-awaited full-length Joji project, he adds, "Theres definitely some shit goin on."

Finally, I ask him if there's anything else he'd like to add and he responds, "If you're buying spam, get the light spam because it tastes the same. Less calories." Of course.

Listen to "I Don't Wanna Waste My Time" above and learn more about Pink Guy, Filthy Frank, and George 'Joji' Miller below.