The ordinary artist might take a month or two for a full album rollout promotion—that is, if they even choose to announce their album ahead of time. However, the Gorillaz are an extraordinary group. Before revealing any set release date for their forthcoming album, they ended their long hiatus by joining Instagram, providing the full origin stories for each member of the group, and signing up for OkCupid.

This week, they're back with more exciting news for fans. The Gorillaz have announced that they will be making their return to the stage this summer at their own music festival called Demon Dayz Festival. The festival is set to be held on June 10 in England at the Kent theme park of Dreamland Margate. A full lineup for the festival is expected to follow soon.

The festival performance will be their first live set since 2010. While fans still wait to hear more music from the Gorillaz—and the release of one of 2017's most anticipated albums—those who are lucky enough to attend can be sure to see them perform their newest single "Hallelujah Money."

Tickets go on sale this Friday. Visit the website for more information about the festival.

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