Sampha fans have been waiting and waiting for him to finally release his debut album. Though the wait has been long, each time he shares a new single it becomes clear that perfection just cannot be rushed, and that detail works to the ease the pain of the wait. Thankfully, his February 3 release date for Process is rapidly approaching, and Sampha has returned with his latest and most beautiful single yet.

The new record, "(No One Knows Me) Like My Piano" is as heartbreaking as it is comforting. This song about the piano in his mother's home was written just months before her passing and every ounce of emotion poured into it can be felt intensely. Sampha has always had a passionate voice but he taps into something deeper here.

"(No One Knows Me) Like My Piano" is the sort of song that is guaranteed to make you cry, sob even, but it's too beautiful to take off repeat. As he reflects on fond memories of his late mother, Sampha creates an intimate moment that is somber, but sweet—a balance that is difficult to achieve.—Adrienne Black