Former Das Racist member Heems teamed up with Riz Ahmed around two years ago for the exciting Swet Shop Boys EP, and now they're back with their debut full-length. With their backgrounds providing a perspective seldom heard in hip-hop, Cashmere features the duo tackling heavy subject matter. Engaging xenophoba in a post-9/11 world, Cashmere sees the pair delivering some of the most poignant lyrics of the year.

Produced entirely by RedinhoCashmere maintains a remarkably consistent sound throughout. Sitting at a brisk 35 minutes, Cashmere wastes no time in discussing important topics. There's very little fat on the record, and it helps make for a punchy listen that manages to make its point as effectively as possible. There's still moments of humor to be found on the record, too, but Cashmere truly shines when it refuses to compromise.

Listen to the whole album via NPR below.

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