L.A.-based duo Stalgia's single "In The Trees" is a hazy track that becomes instantly mesmerizing as the breathy vocals blend into the tranquil rhythm. On its own, the single stands strong but feels inviting enough for others put their own little tweak on it. And that’s exactly what happened. 

When producer Chevali happened to be working in a studio next to Stalgia and first heard the rough version of "In The Trees," he immediately asked if he could put his own spin on the record. The new version of the single keeps that same alluring essence of the track intact, but increases its impact by adding a heavy bassline that makes it hit even harder. 

Even with this extra flare, both Chevali and Stalgia knew something was still missing. Stalgia had already been fans of Milwaukee rapper IshDARR's single “Too Bad,” so they reached out to him hoping he would be the missing link to completing this new mix—and he was. IshDARR's voice enters at the halfway mark of the remix, creating a much needed juxtaposition that helps balance out the sound. As a result, "In The Trees" is transformed into a single with the potential to reach even further than it already has.

Listen to Chevali's remix of "In The Trees" below.

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