"The wicked make it in this game, the real ones, they do not," Raury raps on of the darkest, hip-hop heavy songs we've heard from the typically genre-bending artist. He continues: "So all my heroes fake and all my idols false and forgot."

As Kanye West and Kid Cudi's squables made headlines yesterday, Raury tweeted"I feel u @KidCudi, I have idols that don't give a fuck about me also... The music industry, Hollywood, high school and life is pretty much the same damn game! With the same damn ppl! With the same damn obstacles!"

On "Butterfly," Raury dives further into his frustrations with the music industry, exploring more of the darker sound that he unveiled on "Like A Star" last month. With the help of a hard-edged Danny Parra-produced beat, he explores his emotions without being emo. Or, in his own words: "Now we can wall in selfpity, afraid of judgement, exclusion, and death or WE CAN BEAT THE GAME.​" Listen below.