For nearly two decades, it’s been a rare sight to see Suge Knight’s name associated with any positive stories. As time passes by, more stories continue to come to the light about the infamous former CEO of Death Row Records. The latest story about Knight comes from a former bodyguard of Eminem.

During an interview on The Murder Master Music Show, Eminem’s former bodyguard Byron “Big Naz” Williams revealed that Knight once sent his goons out to kill the rapper. According to his telling of the story, this incident happened back in 2001 at a taping of the Source Awards—an award show that already had a bad reputation for violent outcomes.

Williams explained that the way the award show’s seating was arranged, artists could not be seated with their accompanying bodyguards. Though he admits the seating arrangement was probably set up to encourage networking, he explained that it also gave opportunities to “people who got beef with other artists to get at them.”

During the ceremony, Williams noticed multiple men in red shirts approach Em. As Williams saw Em’s face turning bright red, he rushed over to see what was going on, only to be met with some terrifying information. After the men in red repeatedly shouted “Death Row,” they told Williams that Knight had sent them to “strong arm Em.”

Listen to Williams explain the full altercation above.

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