There comes a time in every person’s career where it feels necessary to just stop, and appreciate the journey thus far. Though The SEVENth—a Michigan-based producer, artist, and co-founding member of the music collective AGO— is still in the early stages of his own career, as everything begins to rapidly change there seems like no better time to stop and reflect. The SEVENth offers up his latest single “On The Table” to document this moment.

“On The Table” is the joint effort between The SEVENth and fellow AGO crew members Waldo and Joose, while Sango assists with the co-production. This track serves as the lead single from his upcoming collaborative EP with streetwear brand and record label Mishka, titled Weekend Sin—which is due out on April 29. No slow build up needed, “On The Table” hits hard instantly with booming bass and swift transitions that are sure to grab listeners’ full attention.

Opening up with the lines, “It’s like my first international flight / I feel like I’m going places,” The SEVENth explained that the inspiration came while on a European tour alongside Waldo. “That changed things,” he said. “We started off in hole-in-the-wall spots around our hometown, so touring—especially overseas—is a blessing and a confidence booster.”

Listen to “On The Table” below.

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