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Photo by David Morrison via Pitchfork

Photo by David Morrison via Pitchfork

L.A.-based production duo Classixx will be releasing a new album later this year titled Faraway Reach, and it features some pretty big guest features. The duo previously shared the T-Pain featuring “Whatever I Want,” and now they’ve shared their triumphant collaboration with Tom Krell of How to Dress Well fame. With its huge production and brilliant vocals from Krell, Classixx are promising big things from the forthcoming Faraway Reach.

Listen to “Just Let Go” below.


Faraway Reach Tracklist:

01. “Grecian Summer”
02. “In These Fine Times” [ft. De Lux]
03. “Safe Inside” [ft. Passion Pit]
04. “I Feel Numb” [ft. Alex Frankel]
05. “Just Let Go” [ft. How To Dress Well]
06. “The Dissolve” [ft. Isles]
07. “Whatever I Want” [ft. T-Pain]
08. “Ndivile” [ft. Nonku]
09. “Faraway Reach”
10. “Eyes On Me” [ft. Harriet Brown]
11. “Pure Distraction”
12. “A Mountain With No Ending” [ft. Panama]

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