Good luck finding anyone having a better time at SXSW this year than 300 Entertainment. Riding the momentum of a ridiculously successful past two years, the independent label brought several of their artists out to Austin—and based on their documentation of the trip (a web series called Definitive List of Dopeness) they’re taking full advantage of the opportunity.

Episode 2 kicks off with ASTR and Rae Sremmurd getting stoned in an elevator at a corporate Facebook office before starting an impromptu dance session on the streets of Austin with random fans. Apparently things like that happen when you give Rae Sremmurd a free afternoon and extra weed. Later in the day, ASTR keep the ball rolling and buy tequila shots for an entire bar at their show.

SWSW has earned the reputation of being a bit of a grind over the years, but you wouldn’t know it by watching these guys. This is how you have fun in Austin. Watch above (and check out episode 1 here if you missed it).