David Bowie passed away on Sunday, and in addition to skyrocketing sales on iTunes and Amazon, his music broke a Vevo record previously held by Adele.

The day his death was announced, Bowie’s videos on Vevo saw a 5,198% increase in views with a final count of 51 million views. Adele still holds the Vevo record for views on an individual song—none of the videos surpassed the 27.7 million video views “Hello” was able to log in on its October 22 release date—but in a team effort led by “Lazarus” with 11.1 million views for the day, Bowie was able to break the record for overall views in a single day.

Bowie released his album Blackstar last week on his 69th birthday and also had plans to release one more final album before his untimely passing this past Sunday.

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