Image via Rappers I Know

Image via Rappers I Know

The other day, Confusion threw an interesting notion into the Internet-ether that made me (re)think about how we should go back to approaching this thing. I don’t know about you, but some of my favorite days of music discovery had fuck-all to do with whatever press agency had my e-mail and was more about the continued search for the perfect beat.

This Martin Lucid Dream from Denmark Vessey came to me from a trusted source, the legendary FWMJ from the legendary Rappers I Know. Sure, it’s a release on an imprint he set up, but he chose not to beat me over the head with 5011 paragraphs on WHY I need to post this. He just laid the liner notes out and gave me a link, which allowed me to explore the project for myself… and discover something that perfectly fit my mind state in life at this very moment.

Denmark Vessey is a name that you might be aware of; he linked up with Scud One to release Cult Classic on Exile‘s Dirty Science imprint back in 2013, and has provided production for rappers like Elzhi, Quelle Chris, and Danny Brown (that was his beat on The Hybrid‘s “Nowhere 2 Go”). Basically, I got open off his accolades, but didn’t really know what this would sound like… but like I said, I hit play and fell deep into that Martin Lucid Dream.

I could say “go directly the opus that is ‘Think Happy Thoughts and Keep Your Hoes In Check’,” or, “Fam, did you see that Guilty Simpson is on the intro?!!?” or, “Von Pea from Tanya Morgan is hella slept-on, you need to check their track,” but truthfully, you need to just hit play and let this one soak in. Denmark Vessey—whether it’s on the beats or on the pen (or both)—really created a cohesive project that goes deeper than the Kill Bill shrills that creep up throughout.

There’s raw, real emotion throughout this project, with subversive sounds sliding in perfectly with the more traditional vibes, fashioning Martin Lucid Dream into an intoxicating journey that gives no cares to the forced push that today’s music industry may feel an artist’s projects need while relishing in the comfort of just laying souls bare over bombastic production.

Man, forget all of this. I’m just finding 5011 ways to say “I’m seriously feeling this project and you need to make it a part of your life, frfr.” Stream it below, and if you like it, cop it via iTunes.

[Rappers I Know]

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